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Russian Federation
In the Russian Federation according to article #1350 of the Civil Code the following are not patentable:

scientific theories and mathematical methods;
rules of games and methods of playing;
intellectual and economic activity;
software for computers.

a iný zdroj k tomu:

Article 1350. Conditions of Patentability of an Invention 1. A technical solution in any area related to a product (including a device, substance, microorganism strain, cell culture of plants or animals) or method (process of affecting a material object using material means) shall be protected as an invention. 55 An invention shall be granted the legal protection if it is new, involves an inventive step, and is industrially applicable. 2. An invention shall be deemed new if it is not anticipated by prior art An invention shall involve an inventive step, if having regard to the state of the art, it is not obvious to a person skilled in the art. The state of the art shall include any information published anywhere in the world, and made available to the public, before the priority date of the invention. When the novelty of an invention is determined, the state of the art shall also include, under condition of their earlier priority, all applications filed in the Russian Federation by other applicants for inventions and utility models, to the documents of which any person is entitled to get access as per Paragraph 2 of Article 1385 or Paragraph 2 of Article 1394 of the present Code, and inventions and utility models that have been patented in the Russian Federation. 3. Disclosure of information relating to an invention by the author of the invention, applicant, or other person having received this information directly or indirectly from them, that made information on the essence of the invention public shall not be a circumstance precluding the recognition of the patentability of the invention if a patent application for the invention has been filed with the federal executive authority for intellectual property within six months from the date of disclosure of the information. The burden of proof that the circumstances have taken place by virtue of which the disclosure of information does not prevent the recognition of the patentability of the invention shall be on the applicant. 4. An invention shall be deemed industrially applicable if it can be used in industry, agriculture, public health, other branches of the economy, or the social sphere. 5. The following shall not be deemed inventions: 1) discoveries; 2) scientific theories and mathematical methods; 3) proposals concerning solely the outward appearance of manufactured articles and intended to satisfy aesthetic requirements; 4) rules and methods of games and for intellectual or business activity; 5) computer programs; 6) ideas on presentation of information. In accordance with the present Paragraph these objects shall not be deemed inventions only if the patent application refers to the above subject matter per se. 6. Legal protection as inventions shall not be granted to: 1) varieties of plants, breeds of animals and biological methods of obtaining thereof with the exception of microbiological methods and products obtained by the use of such methods; 2) layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits.


Prečo si nebereme príklad z ruska a nezakážeme ten softwarovo-patentový bordel?

Spájať Rusko s čokoľvek pozitývnym je ale pre našich prozápadných fanatikov nemysliteľné.

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