Why I would charge twitch.tv/chelleastro with involuntary manslaughter

//Why I would charge twitch.tv/chelleastro with involuntary manslaughter

Why I would charge twitch.tv/chelleastro with involuntary manslaughter

Streaming on Twitch is often putting your personal dirty laundry out to the public space. Many people are not completely understanding the implications of that. Transparency has its price.

A female streamer chelleastro speaks on twitch about her boyfriend who fell victim of cancer, giving him the blame for getting cancer, making up different theories how it got him.

The most important ones are “not working out enough” and “not living a healthy life”.

She has some variety of pictures of him on Instagram and also linked into her Twitch profile and so on where you can see that her charge of not being healthy is an overstatement to say the least.

But let me explain why I think chelleastro is guilty of involountary manslaughter.

I know this blame-game from my family. Just lately this year the sister of my grandmother got sick. People get sick all the time, I also got in February this year some kind of flu infection that kept me down for almost the whole month and in summer this year the sister of my grandmother got it too.

Well, my grandmother is exactly like chelleastro here. Whatever bad happens, not matter to whom, she always comes up with a theory why the person that got bad luck is solely responsible because of not doing … fill in the blank … enough.

Just about every physician you ask tells you that the psychological well being is at least as important as the physical well being in order to get rid of any desease or situation the patient may be in.

When you have a “loving” person around that gives you the blame for what happened to you all the time, asking you to internalize your guilt instead of fighting your desease it may kill you. But at least it is nullifying all effort physicians put into your recovery.

Luckily for our family, the sister of my grandmother did beat her infection and she is back to good health now. However, the good result did not keep her sister, my grandmother, from telling her that she should have taken the antibiotics she gave back because of almost killing her, and that she could be healthy much sooner if she just stuck with her prescripted medicine instead of going to the doctor to get another prescription. I had to put some effort into undoing this by arguing with her on the telephone telling her not to blame herself and that she can not know what might have happened if she continued to take those pills.

Now back to chelleastro. It is not for me to decide if she finally is guilty of involountary manslaughter, that’s for a court to decide. But if she prooves to be the kind of person my grandmother is and she had that effect on her boyfriend during his time in hospital she has pictures of on her social media then it is at least a working theory that should be investigated.

I was disagreeing with her theory that it was solely her boyfriends fault to get cancer, because my theory is that it also might have something to do with american food industry. We have bad food quality in Europe too, but USA is magnitudes worse. I agree with chelleastros theory that a healthy lifestyle helps, also good environment helps. But you can not compare that rather small extent of healthy lifestyle and good environment to scientific evidence of cancer-causing food processing.

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